06/28/2018, The Gibson Brands Studio , London, EN

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The Rock & World of Eljuri

Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and raised in New York City, Cecilia Villar Eljuri is a compulsive genre-fuser writing songs that mirror the experiences of her life. Touted as one of the top Latina guitar players in the world, she blends the sounds and rhythms ...

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Ron Kadish

Latina Guitar Master Eljuri Celebrates the Melodic Resistance and European Debut at Iconic Gibson Showroom, London

Believe the hype: Eljuri is one of the world’s best guitarists. Born in Ecuador, raised in New York City, she is also a powerful voice calling out violence, injustice, and prejudice in the US, at a time when such voices are desperately needed. An award-winning songwriter and frequent protest singer, Eljuri “bounces confidently between fiery Santana-esque rock, reggae, Motown pop, and Cuban dance rhythms,” (Village Voice) weaving in a hearty dose of rhythms from around the world in the process.


Now, after years of regular touring in the Americas, she is bringing her signature take planet-spanning rock to the UK, to celebrate her new global partnership with UK-based Anara Publishing and her ongoing ties to the Gibson guitar family. On June 28, 2018, Eljuri will give an intimate performance at the storied Gibson showroom in central London. The venue, which has witnessed landmark shows by everyone from Slash to Amy Winehouse, will bring a select audience to hear a rare solo performance of Eljuri’s songs from her recent album, La Lucha.


The energy that fires the current mood of resistance and yearning for a different future in America has fired Eljuri since her days in the New York post-punk scene. “I use my own perspective to speak to bigger issues and movements I see around me, in the US and Latin America,” explains Eljuri. “Music can motivate and unite, and I want to give people reason to push forward.”


Eljuri speaks out against gun violence (“Bang Bang”) and made her anthems of pride and rebellion (“La Lucha”) integral parts of the Women’s Marches in her hometown. Her collaboration with Anara marks the next stage on this journey, as the publishers will advocate to bring her unique voice into more places.


Along with the message is a strong dose of craft and musicianship, playing that can run the gamut from shredding to delicate acoustic reflection. Gibson has been at the heart of this side of Eljuri’s career for a decade, as she has been a member of the Gibson family and a huge fan of the company’s electric and acoustic guitars. “The attraction to Gibson started a long time ago. A Les Paul in your hands feels like butter. It’s heavy and has sustain for days. It oozes melody, and my solos tend to emphasize melody over speed,” says Eljuri. “It’s also a beautiful shape that makes sense.”


Cecilia Villar Eljuri is a triple threat: She’s an accomplished songwriter, a great vocalist, and one hell of a guitar player. --NPR’s Alt.Latino


About Anara Publishing:


Anara Publishing is an independent music publisher headquartered in the UK and with offices in India. Representing an eclectic roster of artists and composers from around the globe, they ensure that their catalogue collects the publishing royalties it is entitled to. They also offer sync licensing opportunities for their roster, providing cutting edge music to media projects such as film, television and advertising.


Anara Publishing began working with Eljuri after meeting with her label and management team at WOMEX in 2017. When first hearing her music, they were impressed with the power of her voice and uplifting guitar rhythms and immediately knew that she would add a uniqueness to their roster. With their connections within the sync side of the music industry, they are able to bring Eljuri's music across the pond and promote her sound to music supervisors based in the UK, Europe and beyond.


About Gibson:


Gibson Brands was founded in 1902 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Next to the #1 guitar brand, Gibson, the company’s family of brands includes Epiphone and KRK Systems. Gibson’s London Entertainment Relations showroom is responsible for all brand building activities. This includes artist relations, product visibility in film/tv/commercials, strategic marketing partnerships, lifestyle PR, and content creation.


Manovill Records and Anara Publishing present the European Debut of Eljuri and her Songs
Date of the event: Wednesday June 28, 2018
Doors open at 7:00pm 
Private event RSVP to alex@eljurimusic.com




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Event Notes:
Manovill Records and Anara Publishing present the European Debut of Eljuri and her Songs: Private event RSVP to alex@eljurimusic.com
Venue Zip:
Venue City, State:
Venue St. Address:
61 – 62 Eastcastle Street
The Gibson Brands Studio
Concert Start Time:
7:30 PM
Doors Open:
7:00 PM