Press Clipping
Eljuri – Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri

A fantastic fiery take on reggae and dub rolls through the whole of Eljuri’s passionate “Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri”. Psychedelic nods run through the whole of the album. Bass reigns supreme and volume is a must, for the physicality of the sound deserves to be fully felt. Her voice embraces a commanding presence. Lyrics further emphasize this unique surreal quality. Melodies waft through in a dreamy sort of disposition. Rhythms have a perfect amount of rumble to them.

Percussion plays a pivotal role in the powerful opener “Resiste”. Taking its time, the song’s groove feels potent. Insistent with its drive forward the whole of the work has an intense quality to it. Fluid bass worms through the spacious atmospheres of the hypnotic “El Aire”. Her vocals have a smoky quality to them as they rise above the rest of the track. By far the highlight of the album comes from the stunning “Una Ola”. Done with the greatest level of care everything about the piece has an infectious quality to it, with a melody that gets stuck deep in the recesses of the mind. Things slow down considerably on the dreamy aura of “Quiero Saber”. On “Empuja” the vocals weave together to form a grand tapestry of sound. Nicely bringing the whole of the album to a delightful close is the club mix of “Una Ola”.

Eljuri proves to be a true master of the craft on the powerful “Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri”.