Press Clipping
Resiste : La Colección Reggae de Eljuri – Eljuri (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Reggae is cool in any language, to be honest, the great thing about all music, at least all music that is doing its job properly, is that it transcends language but loses none of its appeal and sonic profundity just because you don’t have a translator to hand. This fourth time out for Eljuri as a solo artist is a response to the darkness spreading across the world, the media frenzies and the ongoing divide and conquer tactics spread by popularise power hungry leaders who use fear and hate to stop people unifying in their common goals. And after all, if you are going to make music which takes in such broad but necessary political commentary, what better music to use as a vehicle than reggae, an art form born from just such a reaction by previous generations.

Not only does this album bring you some brilliant sonic offerings from Eljuri herself, the fact that there are three songs co-written with the iconic Sly & Robbie shows you just what rarified circles she finds herself moving in these days. Roots reggae with a distinctly latin twist but more than that a collection of songs which are as infectious as they are poignant, music which is as effortlessly contagious as it is deftly wrought, a vibe that encompasses chilled sunshine euphoria as much as it does reggae’s defiant stance. What more do you want…blood, because that’s in there too…probably.