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Album Review: Eljuri – Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri

Album Review: Eljuri – Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri
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Eljuri lends her voice and amplifies the ones of those who cannot be heard. Her fourth release as a solo artist Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljurirelease, offers an introduction to the artist’s critical perspective on social injustice and more.

The reggae-inspired collection features Spanish lyrics with decent variations in style, contributing to the album’s versatility and at the same time to its stylistic confidence.

Eljuri embraces such reggae themes which you wouldn’t normally expect from just reading the title. Her work, is positioned at the fringes of a cultural society that trades in simplified forms and stable meanings, with warped forces that seek to control.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by everything that’s wrong with the world, or maybe you’re a rockstar humanitarian who’s dedicating your life to helping those in need, either way you’ll find Resiste to be a good listen.

Eljuri is outspoken with a roots-infused aesthetic that provides a landscape for respective meditations. And you know the music is good once you’ve spent a couple of minutes swaying your head uncontrollably while soaking up the rhythms.

Resiste is an impressive project by the artist; Eljuri desires to use diverse global musical influences and exposure to various traditions to paint a multi-cultural musical vision of the world just the way she perceives it. She adds an incredible amount of detail to the laid-back sounds in a blisteringly style of dance music.

Together with her Spanish influence, Eljuri maintains an outfit whose unvarnished style is a world away from the glossier strains that populate today’s streaming playlists.

Watch: Eljuri – Resiste (Vibe Video)
Eljuri – Resiste (Vibe Video)

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