Press Clipping
ELJURI - Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri

ELJURI is so much more than just an artist, but a true musical storyteller, which combines powerful rhythms, with soulful lyrics and insightful ideas.

The feel of ELJURI’s sonic aesthetics is perfectly represented within the artist’s new studio effort, a project titled “Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri.”

This release has 7 original songs, each showcasing a different side of the artist’s astonishing personality. There is something special about each track, because with every song comes a different mood. As a result, this release comes off as spontaneous and emotionally kaleidoscopic, making for a truly distinctive style.

Find out more about ELJURI, and do not miss out on “La Colección Reggae de Eljuri,” which is currently available on the web. If you enjoy soul, reggae, as well as R&B, you are most definitely going to connect with the spontaneous vibes of this release