Press Clipping

Eljuri 'Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri’
What is the proper protest music of the masses? Which music gives them a voice? Well, if you know the history of reggae music, it's that same scenario of giving the downtrodden and protesters a voice. Created for theses types of people out of the ghettos, slums & government yards in Kingston Jamaica. So, when Eljuri, a punk/rock/soul/salsa guitarist, born in Ecuador and based in New York wanted a voice for the downtrodden and give hope to the masses, it only made sense to do a reggae album, especially since the name was 'Reiste.' No stranger to the reggae genre, Eljuri comes to this juncture in her career naturally. She has been writing reggae tunes since her early days with the Trouble Dolls on New York City’s lower east side. "El Aire,' 'Quiero Saber' and 'Empuja' were all done with reggae legends and riddim twins Sly & Robbie. Included on the album are the songs ‘Una Ola’ and ‘El Aire‘ from her debut album ‘En Paz and are rocking reggae rooted songs. The album starts with the only completely new song, it's title track and she lets her rocking guitar play prominence. The rest are old songs redone/remixed in reggae. Winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest (World Category) Eljuri’s anti-gun violence song ‘Bang Bang’ is also on this album. Other songs include 'Queiro Saber,' 'Empuja' and a dance remix of 'Una Ola.' Touted as one of the top Latina guitar players in the world and through her partnership with Sound Thinking NYC (CUNY and the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment), Eljuri will be mentoring NYC High School girls interested in entering any aspect of the music business. Her music will be available on her website by Friday/Saturday.