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World Music Show "Best Of" Picks for 2018

To fill the void of Best Of lists this time of year--wait, what I mean is, to add to the long list of Best Ofs, on this week’s World Music Show (12/29), I’m going to add more to the canon of fodder that this time of year produces.

But before I begin, there are a few caveats with my Best Of World Music 2018 list. One is that my list will be in no particular order (however, there will be a few major favorites). And two is that all these picks are from music that I was able to get, either on my own by begging record labels or that were graciously sent to me from wonderful record companies and promotional folks. This means that it’s not complete and that if you saw an artist on say the NPR music list, I may or may not have the same picks. And that’s ok. This little dog and pony show is what it is--a way for me to introduce some great world music to RVA and hopefully beyond.

One last thing, this list could’ve been a longer, as there was a great bunch of music sent my way this year. So down below will be a few callouts of songs I think you should check out.

And away we go…

Well Known Musicians Who are Not Worn Out

This was a great year for many musicians who decided to make another album either after a rest or what have you. I’m talking about musicians such as Brazilian Girls--who everyone thought were finished but instead made a joyous return with their CD “Let’s Make Love.” The trio of two men and a woman proved again that they are the dancehall favorites but that they still have things to say. From this release I’m playing their first single called “Pirates,” because it encompasses everything that makes their latest a great cause for celebration.