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Eljuri brings her 'Keep It Up' / Follow the Quimera Festival in Metepec”

Eluri, singer, composer and exceptional Ecuadorian guitarist based in New York, who has visited us on many occasions from the Vive Latino to the Book Fair of Nuevo Leon began this year participating with her music at the Womens March NYC 2018,

She did it with her song La Lucha and shared it with thousands of contingents, without a doubt it is a song representative of the musical moment that she has been developing in recent years more clearly in her two albums Fuerte (2012) and La Lucha (2016) )
Being that her creative work and her social commitment have been twisted in an obvious and organic way, further promoting her need to use music as an instrument of reflection and awareness, of solidarity and protest, with increasingly precise purposes. songs that highlight so concrete social problems with people with posttraumatic stress syndrome in their song and video Ya es Hora; or BangBang which is a piece against violence and murders with firearms and the lack of regulation in the sale of them.

Keep it up / Keep it up

As part of Eljuri's visit to Mexico at the Quimera Festival in Metepec, Edo de México and with the political tone on her skin, Keep it up continues like that song that as a solitary star will shine without being part of any album, appearing besides digitally Keep it up seeks to be a solidarity song and awareness before the political calendar of the midterm elections in the United States.

Keep it up / Keep it up and seek to inspire and motivate all those who are in long-term social struggles, those who have been searching for answers for years, relatives, justice and for all those who have made the struggle their day to day,

"The song came to me, as a gift of encouragement, for all the hours and efforts made trying to tell the truth in front of the class in power, a harangue not to give up fighting for social justice. Everything seems to be flying towards me quickly and it is difficult to make sense of it, because I know that as more and more we fight against corruption and injustice social change can go viral ... "Eljuri
At the heart of Keep it up / Keep it up

Eljuri reaffirms her original sound with his funky guitar and bilingual vocal riffs, put together with her team in New York: Alex Alexander on drums / percussion and Johnny Pisano on bass. This year-end surprise was recorded at Downtown Music Studios with Zach Hancock as the engineer in charge.

Currently, she is working on a reggae project that will be launched in early 2019 with which she plans to tour in 2019-2020.


Eljuri will perform in Mexico at the Quimera Festival on Sunday, October 14 at 1 pm at Plaza Juarez, accompanied by her consistent band in Mexico: Coca Cortes on bass and Javo Sosa on drums.

There we can listen live a selection of topics full of meaning and energy and of course Keep it up / Keep it up.