Press Clipping
Cecilia Villar Eljuri will sing Mexican women in the captial Zocalo

The singer-songwriter Cecilia Villar Eljuri, who next Thursday will participate in the Zócalo capitalino in a celebration to celebrate International Women's Day, considered that music is a light that can boost the empowerment of the female sector.

"In these types of events what is important is to use the voice and energy of music to promote change and change what is not right, in this case specifically to show that women must have equal opportunities," said Villar Eljuri in an interview with Notimex.

The Peruvian singer said that it is important to participate in this concert in which the group Hilo Negro, Ali Gua Gua, DJ Rotmi Enciso, Batallones Femeninos and Las Reinas Chulas will also participate, because she feels identified in many ways with Mexican women, have Latin roots.

"In addition, I want to be a bridge between the United States and Mexico, personally I am against many injustices. In my presentation I will interpret themes that emphasize the uprising of women to make us more human and also about unnecessary violence and aggressions motivated by territorial divisions. "

The activist also stressed that celebrating International Women's Day at the global level and raising the voice around the world at the same time is a very powerful stimulus.

Cecilia currently promotes her most recent material "La lucha", which will be presented on Thursday in a more intimate evening at Coyoacan's Cuervo Son and later, on the 17th, at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, in Monterrey, a city that will visit first time.

"The public inspires me to offer a new album, so I try to reflect all the reflections that promote a change and this material is not the exception," he concluded.