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Best new World Music releases

Eljuri La Lucha

Eljuri is a Latina and Lebanese woman with roots in Ecuador who’s now living in New York. She loves Cuban music and can play badass guitar in a variety of styles. All of this and more comes delightfully pouring out on La Lucha through cuts like the slightly-dubby reggae/pop of “BangBang,” the sublime samba of “El Viento” and the prog-tinged “Nunca Volveré.” Eljuri has a voice perfectly suited to girl-pop too and she turns it loose on the Blondie-esque “Right Back,” the only cut on the album that’s sung entirely in English. The rest of the album is in Spanish or a mix of the two languages. “Indiferencia” is another great vocal track set to a tango. Then its back to reggae dancing for “Quiero Saber” which features the famous Jamaican rhythm section of Sly & Robbie. La Lucha will appeal to fans of world music and hipsters alike.