Press Clipping
Eljuri / La Lucha

Kamla Bhatt
Reviewed 2016-09-30
Cecilia Villar Eljuri is of Ecudorian heritage, who grew up in New York City. She is a guitarist, singer and composer with a love for rock music that is clearly reflected in her new album LA LUCHA. This album is a mix of Rock/Reggae/Latin music that at times reminds you of the music of Gloria Estefan, U2, Santana and others. You hear their influences in the various tracks.

I have had to resort to American/European rock bands for comparison, and this is for contextual reasons, and not to diminish Eljur’s music.

All tracks in the album work.

1. Bright sounding track + wonderful acoustic guitar.
2. Regge-tinged track with sultry vocals.
3. Slow number.
4. Reminds you of American rock bands from the 1980s.
5. Has a U2ish quality about it. A song on injustice.
6. Peppy rock song in English. She sounds a little bit like Gloria Estefan.
7. Slow track with a nice Latin flavor.
8. The guitar riffs are decidedly from the world of Reggae.Slow & languid kind of song in Spanish with that Reggae style
9. Medium temp song, which fuses rock music with Spanish vocals.
10. Again, am reminded of Gloria Estefan.Vocals in Spanish/English with a smidgen of melancholia.
11. A bit of that U2/Police influence in this rock-inspired track in Spanish.